Thatch Roofing

thatch_roofingThatch roofing is made primarily of the bay leaf palm in Belize.  Because thatch roofs are at least one foot thick, they are naturally weather resistant hardly absorbing any water.  Good thatch does not require frequent maintenance and can last decades.  It is not as flammable as most people think because the palms burn very slowly and preventative fire retardant sprays can be easily applied during construction.

A thatch roof is a very attractive feature in any structure as it lends a charming, tropical feature making it a popular roofing material in most hotels and resorts.  Apart from its attractive features, thatch is also very eco-friendly.  Because of its many air pockets, thatch serves as an excellent insulator ensuring the structure is cool in summer and warm in winter.

At Streamline Construction, we are highly skilled in thatch works and guarantee a beautifully well-constructed thatch roof that lasts.