Swimming Pools

poolsStreamline Construction can help you design and construct the swimming pool of your dreams. We can construct pools of any design, shape and size. We will help you to decide on the type of technologies to choose from and properly install them to truly make your pool one of a kind.

The pools can have automatic, energy efficient or salt generated programmable pumps. With automatic pumps, you can enable spa features, different lighting and colors, and varying heat temperatures. The energy efficient pumps are smaller; and they conserve energy and save money by maintaining a constant comfortable pool temperature. The salt generating pump is very minimal to maintain and has less upkeep costs. This salt water pump is also healthier for skin than the chlorine pools since it contains fewer chemicals. You can also include unique aesthetic enhancements on your pool such as waterfalls, fountains, jets, and attached hot tubs. We will work along with you to completely personalize every aspect of your pool.