Covintec Paneling

convinetec_panelingCovintec is a structural panel made of expanded polystyrene surrounded by steel wire mesh. This is the way to go when aiming for “green” home construction. Covintec panels are a great alternative to building homes using traditional cement blocks as they are lightweight, cost effective and energy efficient.  These panels are quick to install and very versatile because they can be used in a wide array of architectural styles.

Homes built with Covintec panels are seismic proof.  This also makes them structurally resistant to hurricane force winds. Additionally, the panels have improved insulation drastically lowering electricity bills and reducing the noise level from outside and between the walls of the home. These panels are great for home construction in Belize’s tropical climate as they provide up to 8 times more thermal insulation than regular blocks do and offer protection from humidity damage.