Construction for your Streamline World!

After working in Belize for 4 years, I have come to love the people and culture. During this time, I was construction supervisor for Hopkins Harbor ltd for 2 years.

I have 32 years’ experience in the construction industry.  I have owned and operated my own successful construction company in Canada since 1980.  My projects included everything from concrete to finishing.

My mission is to construct custom built homes, and would like to continue that mission in Belize.

I have built homes from 1000 sq. ft. to 6000 sq. ft. – single story to 3 stories.  Single dwelling homes to multi-dwelling homes.  I have also been involved with commercial and industrial projects as my company grew.

I have 4 years post-secondary schooling in the construction industry, and possess a Red Seal Certification in Carpentry awarded from the Canadian Government.

Working with Hopkins Harbor, I brought my knowledge to the forefront and spent many hours with the local Belizeans teaching my knowledge and experience; which, to me, was the most important aspect of my job.  Bringing Belize construction standards to a higher level of excellence was very rewarding.

I was involved in the construction of triplexes, six-plexes and single dwelling homes and bringing them up to world standards.

I have also been involved in the educational process of introducing new products to the construction industry.  One product that I have been interested in is the Covintec Design.  I believe it is a great system to be introduced into the Belize construction industry because of the plastering.  One thing that really interests me is the R-value in these buildings.  The one most important aspect of a home is energy efficiency, which seems to be missing in the homes in Belize.  The knowledge I possess in making homes more energy efficient is extensive.  With electrical being a huge expense for some homes, this product takes care of that expense, plus it is hurricane and sound proof.  I believe that this product could be the way of the future in Belize.

Big or small, we can handle it all!